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Did you attend BMA? Would you like to find your former classmates? If so, there is an alumni association that would welcome your participation.

To get on our mailing list, drop an eMail note to Doug Halbert ['50], our Adjutant for the BMA Alumni Association

Or, if you prefer, call him. Doug's phone number is (770) 658-2158 (Georgia - Eastern time).
Let Doug know your graduating class year, your current eMail and sMail addresses, your spouse's name and your phone number. He will send you more detailed information about the Association.

NOTE: If you are looking for a Military Academy in which to enroll a current student, please see the "Contacts" page (link is at the bottom of this page). BMA is no longer in operation.






















































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Glendora Campus


Do we have reunions? You bet! Reunions are school reunions, not class reunions.




The Committee and a substantial number of alumni who have attended reunions in the past were polled and the conclusion was that our next reunion should be held in Palm Springs. It was just too difficult to overcome the complexities of traveling to a different Country. Arrangements have been made as follows:


      The dates of the reunion will be Thursday June 4th to Monday June 8th.

      The Venue will be the Hyatt Palm Springs

      The BMA Reunion Rate will be $139.00 per night (The $15.00 per night Resort Fee which includes wireless Internet, local calls, faxes, daily newspaper, access to the fitness center, airport shuttle, used of the business center and coffee/tea in the room has been waived for us.)


The reunion registration and hotel reservation forms are in the process of being drafted. As soon as they are available they will be made available on the web site. For any additional questions or comments you may have, please contact either Doug Halbert or Richard Parker.


Some notes on navigating this site:

Current Roster: this is where you will find the list of most of the alumni we have found. Our mailing list is a bit larger. We will only post your name to this site if you give us permission. We would like to add to this list so if you are not on it, give us a shout.

Final Taps Roster: this lists the alumni that have left our ranks.

Newsletters: this is the 'dry business' part of this site. Essentially reserved for notes of the planning meetings and reports about the reunions.

Contacts Page: this page has bits of information we have had mailed to us about the life and times of various alumni.



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